Who is getting the jobs?

Typical process of hiring for technology companies entails

1. Shortlist 1000’s of resumes for each ‘engineering’ college (there are tens of thousands in a single State in India!). Euphemism and glorified narcissism are allowed in resumes. So basically this shortlist = random selection.

2. This is followed by a test for analytical ability; involving setting up the questionnaire, getting time / place to conduct the test, supervision etc.

3. People who shortlist in the test, then face 1-3 interviews.

Anywhere between  1~100 students get a job offer.


Question   Forget tests. Forget interviews. Is information in a resume sufficient to make a job offer?

Data   Collected from ~200 candidates rural engineering colleges, 60 of whom had made it over ‘The Company’ interview process. Data for each candidate includes demography, background, connectivity, travel patterns and quantitative test score.

Predictive Analytics Method   Logistic Regression  We used logistic regression to predict a binary response (whether the candidate will get an offer from The Company)  based on one or more predictor variables (demography, background, connectivity, travel patterns and quantitative test score).

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Results Summary  

We tested a total of 127857 logistic regression models for all combinations of up to 17 predictor variables.

  • Higher the income, higher the chance of getting an offer
  • More rural your background, lesser the chance of getting an offer
  • Stay-at-home mothers increased chances of their children getting an offer
  • Connectivity is super important. Owning a phone, net connection, facebook account all improved chances of getting an offer
  • The farther you have travelled, greater the chances of getting an offer
  • Dad’s occupation, education also plays a role

Surprisingly, what did not matter so much was

  • Schooling and education
  • Quantitative Test Score

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