Clinton gets Trumped even on Twitter

US elections had become the preferred conversation topic for millions of Americans and non-Americans worldwide. What are these people saying? What do they think? What are their opinions? How do they feel?

We analyzed tweets before and after elections for emotions associated with tweets. Here, before we get into Twitterati’s reaction, the caveat to note is : It is often the urban/city folks who are active on Twitter and other social media engagements. The urban Americans have voted heavily in favour of Clinton. This urban-rural divide during the US elections where we saw the rise of rural voice, was both surprising and interesting to note. This disparate human behaviour has resulted in one of the most remarkable election results of our times.

The emotions are plotted in a pyramid shape where the intensity increases from centre to top and centre to bottom. Its clear that just like what happened in the UK while BREXIT, people are discussing more about the elections after Trump has won it.

Florida, New York and Oakland were discussing more about Hillary before the  elections and once it was over about Trump  which clearly shows the effect Trump had in the general population of these three electoral colleges. Whilst Ohio was somewhat neutral before the elections with people showing positive responses for Hillary and Trump before the elections and totally ignored Hillary after the elections. More or less nothing was said about either Hillary or Trump in Wisconsin but after elections they turned pro- Trump.

American Reaction


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Global Reaction
Out of the obtained tweets, in Russia and London, Trump has a better positive to negative ratio than Clinton. In London, Clinton was the preferred choice over Trump.


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