Madhumita Bisht: Once a legend, always a legend!

When PBL matches are live on Star Sports and when the Delhi Acers play, a lady coach sits and watches shouting out instructions. Her heart rate is always high as per data given by Star sports and they emphasize that she is always tensed. What they don’t tell the viewers is who she was, what she has achieved and how she did it!!

That lady was the queen of Badminton in INDIA even before Saina Nehwal was born…She is none other than Madhumita Bisht!!!

Most of the youngsters and some of the badminton fans might not know of her accomplishments.

  1. Eight-time National singles champion,
  2. Nine-time doubles winner and
  3. 12-time mixed doubles winner
  4. Triple-crown at Toulouse
  5. Runner-up in the USSR International in Moscow.

Among her big victories, the one against World number two Kusuma Sarwanta in 1992 stands out. Kusuma had won the Malaysian Open and the following week, Madhumita beat her in the second round in Indonesia. She has played the National mixed doubles finals 20 times; if that is not an achievement, I don’t know what is!!!

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The era in which she played was when Indian players mainly played in domestic matches rather than concentrating on the international matches. For many years, Madhumita has carried on successfully not only due her form but also fitness. Her passion for the game and the appetite for success have kept her on the court. Still we can see that thirst for win, that craving for victory even at the gravest of circumstances at the Delhi Acers dugout. When looking at Madhumita’s glorious career, it is difficult to find a parallel.

Still,she is raging on like a bull in the court of badminton encouraging and supporting the young players and rotating the squad and devising good strategies that makes sense which has lead to Delhi leading the points table and eventually winning PBL 2016. Her team winning the PBL proves a hypothesis that only good players can create great players out of youngsters.

In the years to come she could help the next generation of Indian badminton reach greater heights. We expect nothing less from the Queen of Indian Badminton!!

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