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US Open 2017  : Big goof up and economic nightmare

US Open Economics Total Staff: 9,000 2015 Attendance: 691,280 Estimated Revenue (2016): $330,000,000 Total Purse (2017): $50,400,000 US Open 2017 Seedings US Open announces seedings and draws on 22nd August 2017, a week before the start of the tournament. Men’s Singles : Nadal, Andy Murray followed by Roger Federer seeded 1,

How much left handed advantage there in badminton and tennis?

Tennis Match Analysis : Wimbledon Domination by Left Handed playersA recent article in BBC by Greg Rusedski suggests that left handers have an advantage when it comes to Wimbledon titles. Although on an average only 10% of the world is left-handed, 23% of the titles

Novak-Boris Split

So it has finally happened. Novak Djokovic split with Boris Becker after three amazing years of tennis dominance like no one could have imagined. Before Becker joined the Nole brigade, Djokovic had won ‘just’ 4 Australian, 0 French, 1 Wimbledon and 1 US Open. Federer

Stacking the match ups and lying about your best

What is stacking? Stacking is based on the principle of saving your best resources for winnable games or making sure that you use your best player in a situation likely to produce an outcome of your choice. If there’s a game you are unlikely to