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Kabaddi World Cup : Yet to come of age

Kabaddi League has been a huge hit in India with day after day producing nail-biting matches and thus largely unpredictable. Given the precedence of 4 fantastic ProKabaddi Seasons, there were huge expectations from Kabaddi World Cup. However, the tournament has failed to leave a mark,

Kabaddi – On the verge of stardom

 Kabaddi has the potential to become a globally popular sport. Prokabaddi League (PKL)– An IPL like version of the Kabaddi for the fans exclusively for the resurrection of Kabaddi was started in 2014; a venture by Mashal Sports and their director Charu Sharma ably supported

Will India lift the Kabaddi World cup again?

The Kabaddi World Cup 2016 held at Ahmedabad will bring nations of diverse geographies — the US, England, Australia, Iran, Poland, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Kenya and hosts India — together fighting it out for the top prize beginning October 7. Two-time Asian Games gold medalist Anup

Attacking or Defensive Strategy: What works?

Team Structure Defines Team Function The teams in Kabaddi consists of basically seven players which typically includes three raiders, two corner defenders, one cover and an all rounder. Most of the teams choose their teams in a similar fashion and they may shuffle around with the

How important is getting the first point in Kabaddi

clIn tennis winning first point means you are more likely to win that game [obviously, this statistic doesn’t hold true for Djokovic]. In football also the team which gets the first goal wins more often than not. There is a general belief that a lead gives

Kabaddi: An Honest Indian Sport

Even though I played Kabaddi as a kid, I never used to follow Kabaddi among other sports. Even when there were a lot of controversies in Cricket, hockey, football etc. I never cared much for these dishonest attributes of some players in these sports. Since