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How much left handed advantage there in badminton and tennis?

Tennis Match Analysis : Wimbledon Domination by Left Handed playersA recent article in BBC by Greg Rusedski suggests that left handers have an advantage when it comes to Wimbledon titles. Although on an average only 10% of the world is left-handed, 23% of the titles

TRUMP-A brief understanding

6 teams and 59 players are going head on for what is billed as the ‘Highest prize money badminton tournament in the world’ — Premier Badminton League 2016. A new and very interesting concept called Trump was introduced in this tournament. Let us get familiarized with this concept.

Madhumita Bisht: Once a legend, always a legend!

When PBL matches are live on Star Sports and when the Delhi Acers play, a lady coach sits and watches shouting out instructions. Her heart rate is always high as per data given by Star sports and they emphasize that she is always tensed. What they

Stacking the match ups and lying about your best

What is stacking? Stacking is based on the principle of saving your best resources for winnable games or making sure that you use your best player in a situation likely to produce an outcome of your choice. If there’s a game you are unlikely to

Expensive not necessarily Effective!

In PBL Auctions 2016, all Teams spent around~0.24–0.27 Million dollars. – Delhi Acers spending the least at $0.24 M. The star pair for Delhi Acers is the Men’s Doubles Team Koo Keat Kien & Tan Boon Heong. They have a good chemistry between them as

Does age matter in PBL(Premier Badminton League 2016)?

It has been said “With age comes wisdom”.The statistics are showing that with age, not only wisdom but also wins are coming in PBL. In this analysis, the players were categorized into different age groups. Then we analysed how many matches they have played and